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Israel attack Iran destroyed Israeli drones: shocking news,

Israel attack Iran destroyed Israeli drones: shocking news,

Israel attack Iran destroyed Israeli drones: shocking news,
Israel attack Iran destroyed Israeli drones: shocking news,

Israel attack Iran destroyed Israeli drones shocking news,A little bit of honor is left for the Jews, which means they have killed 300 drones and missiles from here, and Iran has seen three firecrackers in the competition, which neither they nor they are doing. The president of Iran also wrote this book in different areas, but he did not mention it

  He told us about his success that we attacked our Israel and ended well, now the Secretary Blanken is the Sector Lincoln at that time G-7 countries which were G-7 which used to be G-7 and G-7 has no significance. Not after the G20, but the G7 is different, however, it includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, the UK, and Japan, which used to be big economies at one time.

  But now add G20 to it, Brazil, India, China and Turkey and South Korea, this is a big forum, so now it is in the G7 meeting, since Italy is hosting it this year, it is for three years. Sorry, the three-day summit is being held. He said that the Italian who is the foreign minister was there.

That G-Sector Blanken told us that we found out a little while ago that we were told by Israel that we were going to attack, well now it's written in the sector.

Israel attack:

that we were told that Israel was going to attack, well, Israel, the situation there is that this is the place, if we see this third slide, we can show Isfahan news We will know that Isfahan is in the south of Tehran, Isfahan is in the south of Tehran, and Asohan, which is the third largest city in terms of population, after Mashhad and Tehran. The lower kingdom of Iran, whose capital was Isfahan, has a history of hundreds of thousands of years.

What he has now is the nuclear site in the name of Inder Tanz, sir, and the airways are here, sir. The F-14 Tim Cat aircraft that was given to Iran during the reign of the Shah of Iran is also here. There are somewhere 

The Tomcat plane, which is still here for Iran during the reign of the Shah of Iran, is now at the air base, which was killed here in 2020 when it was carried back and forth to the scientists of Iran's nuclear program. So when this hijacking happened, Iran took their nuclear facilities underground and they are now about 100 meters underground.

  These are the facilities that are happening, which are 100 meters below, so see what the drone will do above it, that is, how will the drone hit the nuclear facility? It is said that they played the drum three times and that they played the drone

  They dropped it or they didn't even mention it. They made 300 from the cracker. Now this is what it is. Fallminister, who was in New York, said that Iran will respond to this now, it is an attack on us

America's role:

We will answer that, yes, it is good in the series, this is what I told you. When he heard that the G-7 meeting was being held from Italy to here, he first said that what is in it is being done by the United States.
So what is it, what is it, why did they do it, did it achieve their goal, what it is, what it is. They say that yes, the strike that has taken place is very weak and very disappointing and very sad

  He has tweeted and said that this should have been a crushing attack, but it is a very strange thing that has happened. The problem is that this wake attack and all this now raises the question

  The Americans said that we were told that Iran remained silent, they did not say anything, they went to Syria and spoke on their behalf. It didn't happen. Again, there are testimonies. Again, 42 in Reza is more than what is being officially reported.

  With the virtual meeting of Jack Sullivan, it has been revealed that the Seven Slide White on the Rifa operation is not what the United States is doing on the Arafa operation, it is a consultative group. In it, Urban spoke to Jett, Israel's Ron Dunmitt, and NS who are running.

  What is in it is small groups, it has not been resolved, Faisalabad could not be done, so now the question is, how is that heart being approved? 95 billion in aid and aid to Israel, America has to get out of global isolation at this time.

  The United States went into a complete global isolation, especially yesterday when a resolution was presented in the United Nations in favor of the Palestinian state. Algeria also gave, they had presented and the rest of the countries also gave by exchanging two countries and Britain, the whole thing is that only one vote came.

  Against it and that was America, the whole world is on one side and many countries have said that we will recognize ourselves, so it will be isolation if they start recognizing the Palestinian state. Left alone, two or four countries are standing together or if you look at it, it is a very strange situation

  The long-term effects of this are the long-term effects of Israel's technology, and we have discussed this in this meeting a couple of days ago, that Israel has had a successful attack before, a failed conspiracy. It was done and the third one slipped, but it is written in the history either as soon as they do it or they do not set off the firecrackers of Shabrat.


Did Israel attack Iran drone factory?

In February 2022, Israel sent six of these quadcopter drones into Iran for an attack on a drone manufacturing facility near Iran's western city of Kermanshah, destroying several Iranian drones. An even earlier attack on Isfahan, in May 2021, targeted HESA factory that manufactures drones

What did Israel attack Iran with?US officials say Israel hit Iran with a missile in the early hours of Friday, in what appears to have been a retaliatory strike after weeks of escalating tensions between the two countries

Is Iran sending drones to Israel?
Iran launched a first direct military attack against Israel on Saturday, sending drones and cruise and ballistic missiles toward Israel.
Israel praised the success of its defenses in the face of an unprecedented attack by Iran involving hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

Why has Iran launched drones?
Tehran, Iran – Iran's use of hundreds of drones and missiles to directly target Israel overnight on Sunday in retaliation for an Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus set some major political and military precedents.
Are Iranian drones a threat?But experts say the threat posed by Iranian drones has increased considerably in recent years. Domestically produced drones played an important role in Iran's attack on Israel. With a range of up to 2,000 kilometers, they were intended to destroy hundreds of targets in Israel.

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