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Protests in America against Israeli aggression are uncontrollable - newsuk1

 Protests in America against Israeli aggression are uncontrollable - newsuk1

Protests in America against Israeli aggression are uncontrollable That is, I have misunderstood it. Let me explain it correctly. You are right. At this time, if you look at education in the United States, it is a business. Educational institutions should stay away from politics or hypocritical business

  But if you look at these universities as they are now, they have become a business enterprise and it is a sad thing. Look at the new ideas up here, gurus do things, Harvard, Christen, Hill, Hale, within their limits. And you must have seen that highly intellectual people are taken by a certain merit through exams and new ideas. Look at Zucker, look at Microsoft.

  If you look at all these things on Google, they are all made by high intellectual people sitting inside the same universities, but if you look at them, they are a curse protest against Palestine, but on the other hand, the health of the establishment and the Pentagon. There is no effect on them, as they say, they will continue to protest, they will continue to fund

  Arms will continue to be sent, if you see, the American military industry and the Trumps, who even say that the Deep State is very strong and has no effect on their health.

People's protest and government's indifference:

When the moment of 68 69 started here, it started with the students, like when there is darkness, the leaves above move, so it is like the leaves, the students are told how much potential there is to spread downwards in this movement. Or look at the workers, the biggest example of what you said at the beginning is that it has gone from New York to the other west course, California and Texas, and it has gone to the hardest, and most of all, it's like addresses, students. is called.

See below or in the workers, the biggest example at the moment is what you said at the beginning that it has gone from New York to the other west course to California and Texel. Trying to downplay it but it's all over social media

  The police is making arrests, but yesterday the media of India also said that the nation which is telling other people about freedom of speech is arresting its students. But this movement has spread throughout the United States

  After leaving New York, West Post Texas Ormation, you can guess for yourself that the girl has reached everywhere and the students who are Harb University have been shut down and many other exams are online. If line taking program is being made then this book interruption people are now pension and you must have seen

  That in every capital of the world, I think all the people have come out and are protesting. I think it is the biggest insult to humanity that the whole world is on one side and a country that is Whose total population is a few million, he is doing it on his own arbitrariness. Look at America's helplessness.

The Biden administration is the epitome of cowardice right now. The biggest example is that at this time this year at the Iftar party inside the White House, Muslims did not participate. Only a Palestinian doctor was invited. I also protested there in a great manner. They had brought Ghazi's letter

  Which he placed on Mr. Wyden's hand and without eating, he went out and after going out, he told the media that I think that if it is thought that people are not reacting to it, there will be a reaction. The world is against the Biden administration, especially young voters are against Muslims

  And if the election is fair, Mr. Joe Biden will not be able to win the election and the main reason for this will be the arrogance of his foreign policy, lack of control of the border, lack of control of the Red Sea, and all these things are possible for Biden. The whole world is watching what is happening right now, especially inside Gaza.

The whole world is in total unity and it will cast him that Mr. Joe Biden is good but it seems that at any cost they are trying to block the way of what Trump is and to what extent Trump can succeed. See what the consequences may be if you stop him and his popularity.

  At the moment, the biggest reason is that I am still working in the campaign from a certain 2016 till now. So they are finally trying to get rid of them.

  Attempts are being made to break their models through attorneys' fees, cases are being made against their families, and now a final siege is almost at hand. So that they can be arrested.

  But they will contest the election, the people are with them. At this time, the weaknesses of the Parton administration are that they support Mr. Trump's agenda. They have also taken their stand on Israel. This operation should be closed.

  And I think that if the election is fair, the victory of Dante Trump cannot be stopped, but at this time the whole establishment Barack Obama is controlling the establishment of America for the last 12 years. And all the institutions have become very strong.

  Electoral Commission and all things but if the elections are fair, dollar term sir will win and if he is stopped, the up country is already divided into red and blue of the Democrat order power, so his bronze messages can be very dangerous, I think America. Don't go to that extent.

Even among the Republicans, there is some opposition to them or the Republicans who are in block and mess are behind them

Look, Dantram sir is behind him to a great extent at this time, but there is an example of this in his past that the entire reporting party does not always play cricket with Daniel Trump sir, because at that time, if you see, Edward Rimes of Far Right is the representative. If we do, the middle-ground recorders that we call open-minded last chance.

What Iran is doing is also dealing with India, it is doing business everywhere, but we are banned, how do you see it, then what we are doing is stopping and stopping and threatening Pakistan with oil for ease. Want and want things,

the main reason for this is that the Americans want to take advantage of the weak financial situation of Pakistan at the moment, you want to take money from the IMF and they think that we can twist and turn your arm in any way. The biggest example of this is that after Russia's sanctions, India is taking action, so there is no objection, but if Pakistan just turns away, there is no objection from Iran.


Why are they protesting at Columbia?

Students have demanded Columbia divest from companies with links to Israel and guarantee amnesty for students that have been suspended. A couple of demonstrations are planned for Thursday night outside the campus, including one with a pro-Israeli group, and another with a pro-Palestinian organization.

Why does the US support Israel?

Bilateral relations have evolved from an initial American policy of sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish homeland in 1948, to a partnership that links a small but powerful state with a superpower attempting to balance influence against competing interests in the region, namely Russia and its allies.

What is the protest about at the USC?

The University of Southern California canceled its main graduation ceremony Thursday and dozens of students were arrested on other campuses as protests against the Israel-Hamas war continued to spread.

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