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fox 4 news anchor fired:Huge support for Hamas from within the US American students

 fox 4 news anchor fired:Huge support for Hamas from within the US American students came out in support of Palestine

fox 4 news anchor fired Huge support for Hamas from within the US American students Pro-Palestinian protests are gaining momentum at several major US universities and colleges, with students demanding that universities divest their shares in companies that fund Israeli aggression.

These protests now include the American capital, Washington DC, and major universities known worldwide for their high academic standards, known as the Ivy League. There is a police roundup

  During which hundreds of students and others have been sent to jail, while on the other hand, they have university administrations who are under a lot of pressure from pro-Israel groups. China calls the protests anti-Jewish.

  Viewers condemned the Hawass attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, and the response to the style of war in Gaza to condemn the deaths of civilians in the government in 2023. Washington had a historic protest

In which more than 500,000 people participated, but the protests at the university are relatively new. Columbia University in New York has closed classes on campus for the entire semester after the arrests of more than 100 students.

  While many important political figures of the country have also openly opposed the protest besides visiting the university, Huzur asked the students of Columbia University for a personality, for the humbolic bread of MIT, Harvard Chemikoria, and Shigazi University already had their own. They have joined this movement along with their demonstrations and protest camps

After which eight institutions of DC Newland and Wazira states also came forward for protest. A ground of Westinsing University called U Yard has become a protest and meeting place since Thursday, April 25. Already, slogans for the liberation of Palestine and a ceasefire can be heard

Viewers like Al-Biya and other universities have also pitched tents here, the number of which is around 20. Sara, a Taliban from Nile Line University, says that a tent has been pitched outside the university and their demands are the same as those of Columbia and other institutions. This is the main demand in what is being done

fox 4 news anchor fired The demand that universities pull out of their cities and stop funding all institutions that in one way or another provide arms to Israel comes at a time when the US government recently announced a $26 billion aid package to Israel. What is the heart of giving immediate aid?

  According to Mashin, a student from George Washington University, she has been warned by the administration that if the camps are not removed, Qalandiya-style action may be taken against them. Mashreel said that she and her colleagues Fear not, for according to them this is such a time

  That was in 1960 when every major American educational institution was on the streets against the Battle of Ratlam. Chika

In 1968, thousands of anti-Vietnam War protesters were arrested on campus, where hundreds of students were injured, before the large-scale crackdown in the early 1960s due to racial profiling in the state. The protest demonstrations that started at the two-named place also engulfed the American campuses

Now that every university seems to be condemning anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, Jewish student organizations say they are leaving campuses in an environment where they feel unsafe.

  After the arrest and summoning of the police,fox 4 news anchor fired the atmosphere is under severe tension in the universities, where apart from Muslim and Arab students, there are also a large number of Jewish students among the American citizens. They also seem worried about their personal security.


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