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The conflict in the Middle East, Netanyahu's big plan is ready and the Palestinian issue

The conflict in the Middle East, Netanyahu's big plan is ready and the Palestinian issue

The conflict in the Middle East, Netanyahu's big plan is ready and the Palestinian issue

The conflict in the Middle East, Netanyahu's big plan is ready and the Palestinian issue

The conflict in the Middle East, Netanyahu's big plan is ready and the Palestinian issue Is it on Russia's side? A large part of it has been taken away from Ukraine and it has gone. How will Shkurin reclaim it from Russia? What will happen inside Europe? Europe some of their countries will come together in one place and take their stand because I said they have gone into election mode.

  Will I win the election in November? Biden went into it, but in the meantime, the world is suffering and there are other issues, it is going to the world of corruption. 26.3 billion dollars billion dollars is done for Israel, well now it is that and on top of this aid, not only is the aid gone, but Israel said that this is what it is.

  This is an open message to Israel's enemies that what we have is the biggest superpower in the world standing with us and the agreements etc. talked about it's almost over at this point so now what's next what's next

  That the Israeli army has said that we are waiting for two brigades that are ours, they are standing ready and we are waiting for Netanyahu to signal us and we will conduct an operation once again on the entire diet including Rifa. The reason for this is that we have information about these Sanwars, that they have been seen in different areas of Gaza, so Yahya Sanwar is alive and present.

  In them, they come out of their tunnels and meet the people outside who, since we have spotted EIS Anwar, we will conduct an operation and a full-scale operation, and in this again, Arsal nine, in which six It may take eight weeks or more, it may take two or three months, it may take this year, that is, they openly gave the option that in a way and they said.

  That the help he has given is his signal to proceed with this operation, that there is a green light for us to do the operation. Well, now a big one if you think that the broker is in the middle and they are getting things settled suddenly. If it gets out of the middle, a strange situation arises as to what to do now The current situation in the Middle East is how the entire Palestinian Authority will be formed. 

How will the agreement with Jordan be made? 

The conflict in the Middle East,The United States is now leaving the middle At this time and he is saying that there will be an operation inside Rifaa, so at this time all those countries are seeing that what next means they are revising their entire strategy. His spokesman has also said that the operation in Rifa means that the peace agreement we had with Israel will not be affected.

If there is no effect in the good agreement, when they want to leave, it means that the agreement is over and the war has started, Egypt will be forced to open its front, or Egypt will be forced to open its front from its positioning position. There is unrest in Egypt, and the Egyptian president has had many crises going on in the country throughout this period.

  The economy also has its politics. They handled all the issues in a very good manner and now they see that things were bad with the rest of the countries. It is that the actions were playing a role in the peace agreement that was being made.

  That he made this statement on his behalf, he said that our battalions are ready for the operation in Rifa and we are waiting for Netanyahu's decision. Yes, how many days will it take? I think present betting will sign it, so how many days will it take, when will it arrive?

  How will it arrive and later what will be the positioning of all these countries? All the countries mean that now, don't you see, when this matter was going on in 2011-12, at that time there was a promise that yes, we will be observers. Status is being given now to the Palestinian Authority in the United Nations and later after a few days after a few weeks we will recognize you as male.

  No, when the matter of recognition happened, then the resolution was vetted, the problem is this, and many European countries have said that we will recognize it, and many countries have also announced, now they are seeing that it is an elephant. Whether or not there is an elephant at the feet of everyone

So they will admit it and many countries have already done so. Now they are seeing that the foot of the elephant is the foot of the elephant. is removed and of course he is suddenly in the dialogue

  Behind the tie and what is the reason for this, President Biden will tell or he is not at all peace and it is not in the American interest that wars spread in the Middle East in the Middle East or spread anywhere in these circumstances at this time. And America is engaged, it's not their own interest, but it's obvious that their resignations were coming.

  Their protests were also happening, they had a lot of things, so now it's good for us and back off and three, four, four bills have been passed in this, the US aid has four in it, that is, four are its angles, General Sarma.There are four angles to America's aid, that is, there are four angles to it. One of them is that the 60.8 billion that went to Ukraine. Will Ukraine win the war? This is a different question. 26.3 billion dollars went to Israel is a different matter, so the aid going and the situation getting better are two different things.

  And especially when the mass graves are coming out and the whole country is standing with its position, that means the Islamic countries are also looking at what to do now. What are you doing for a minute?

  Look at what is happening now, and especially those who own this pass, and what is right with Lebanon, there is a danger of war starting, and the clashes are on the rise, at this time, with Hezbollah. And do they increase, does Syria destabilize again, does Iraq,

 what will happen next?

  If Israel will do it, then what will happen next? So, go to one place and deal with it. Well, three, I said, four, sorry, four. The bill that was approved has four parts. The second is that the aid has been released, the third is that the aid has been released for Indo-Pesod or for Taiwan and for Taiwan, then China has taken action that is good and the fourth is what is

  They are also directly related to China, because the fourth one is the ban on Tik Tok that Tik Tok must be sold to a local or American person within one year, otherwise the Tik Tok will become part of the United States. If it is good inside, will it be done in the United States, then the rest of the American allies will also wear Tik Tok or not, a question is now arising.

  Now, this is because I told you before that what is going on is going on in many countries, including the Arab countries, if you go to many countries in Europe, it is going on and it is from Hawaii. There is an extreme position that if TikTok is what it is, if the applications are a national security threat, the United States understands this, then it is necessary to see if and how they take a position on it.

  This is an important thing. It is right. It is also an important thing to ban this application and there are some restrictions on Chat GPT. which are large language models now manifest whatever data is in them

That is not all the data. Refine data. Go to an application and ask, then prompt that yes, tell me. Tell me how to make a nuclear weapon of chat PP or any application, then they will either be blocked or it will be blocked. It doesn't mean that he doesn't use that formula, but he will tell you the scholars, if not, there is a lot of data that is not available, so it is not available on open source, now it is from China.

  No sensto if you ask any question related to sensitive terrorism or related to bio terrorism or any other then she will not give you application answer then whatever she is she will give locket or she will note then this means now It is that a lot of data that is sensitive data, whether it is from the defense departments or the rest, is not available on open source now, but the Americans are saying that this is a security threat from TikTok. Comes

  And actually these applications are monitoring in today's world and this is a lot of things, so America's manager concern and China has also banned many applications, many of America's Facebook and others and many more. Some have their own system running but I'm just telling you to look into it

  That these four bills were approved and their timing was such that exactly as Secretary Blanken is arriving in China, he has arrived in China for three days, but he has arrived in China for three days and what is on his agenda is that he has visited Ukraine. On the position of Russia above, China has to say to stop your support The conflict in the Middle East,

  This light of Russia is what he has to do. Well, he is in Changai now, but then he will also go to Beijing and it remains to be seen whether he meets with CJP or not. were gone

  But that was now on the rise, after yesterday's 2018 relations were very rough, I will bring the record, then anyway, the visit now, but it is very strange timings, one of them is what about Ukraine. I will give this message, 

will they say open from China?

They say stop supporting Russia, this is the number one thing they have to do. Well, they are in Changai now, but then they will go to Beijing and see if they meet CG Punk or not. First, what I was doing to them was mixed with those who had gone before

  But they were at the height of bitterness after 2018, relations became very tense with the US. Then there are very strange timings. They will tell China openly that you are the brother

  If they stop the aid to Russia, number one, what will they talk about on top of that, what will they talk about on the Middle East, because the Middle East also has to be talked about. We will talk and give China's time from now on because it has already been announced

  No, there are four things to be discussed, then one thing after that, Taiwan, now for Taiwan, the aid is what it was released and China's reaction came on top of that the United States has violated its promise that it will never Independent Taiwan will not dare if it intends to remember again this is the point that Pakistan played a good role in establishing US relations with China.

  And the United States left Taiwan and accepted China again, which is the People's Republic of China, so what it has to do now is how the matter of trade will proceed when Tik Tok was banned. Yes, this means that this is a non-starter visit for Secretary Blankenship, and back during that visit I said wars are spreading, things are getting worse, things are getting worse.

  And what is immediately after this visit is that of Secretary Lincoln, that is, he will return after three days, then he will stop in Riyadh. Now it is a very important thing that he will stop in Riyadh and the World Economic Forum which is being held in Riyadh. Therefore, scholar Shehbaz Sharif is also going, so he will stop in Riyadh to participate in the World Economic Forum

Well, when Riyadh will stop back, in the meantime, Israel and Lebanon, and this whole policy will have come to the fore, what is happening there, and America, and then for SeptoBlanken, Riyadh is at this stage, and in Riyadh, this is now. It has become clear that his meeting will obviously be with the Foreign Minister there and bilateral meetings are also being arranged.

Blanken's safety within the state, but the bulletin meetings that are there, he will definitely be asked what Israel is doing and tell them the two-state solution. They want to talk in Saudi Arabia, and at the same time, it is obvious that there will be talks there, there will be talks inside China, and these wars are spreading and getting out of hand.

  I said to you that some things are not in the hands of the governments of some countries, like I said to you about Jordan or like I said to you that it is done after that. The problem of the street people is that the rulers have to answer to their people as well

 The conflict in the Middle East, We said that it was supposed to happen like this. So, how do they proceed? All those people are now under pressure from the public that massacres are taking place there and mass graves are being found. So you had said that the negotiations were going on and you had said that what the country had was what it was.

  Biden was calling Egypt and the Emir of Qatar to tell them to calm down and come back to the issues and two-state solution, immediate cease-fire, immediate cease-fire, so now where did this matter stop? It is said that J Bal has been approved, so he was with him, he said that he wants to tell the world

  That we stand with our allies, the United States does not go back on the promises made, but the problem is that this promise is also with others. With and I also before that since I talked in the beginning that to Corten Full War One Point It was probably too long and it took a long time to become a hot war.The conflict in the Middle East,

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