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Comparison of nuclear power of Iran and Israel - newsuk1

 Comparison of nuclear power of Iran and Israel - newsuk1

Comparison of nuclear power of Iran and Israel Now what is the comparison between Iran and Israel? In terms of military comparison, Iran's population is around 90 million, while Israel's population is only 90 million. The regular called Urmi is around six lakhs

  200,000 reserves, but the strongest source of strength in it is the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, and it has one edge and another edge. I don't know, you know economy too, commerce too, I know Naam Akalmi

  I don't know about commerce, but there are many companies in the stock exchange of Tehran, including Sher Wa of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and there are many other works that are being done in many countries around the world. What is the major battle in the pearl economy that is a formula work economy?

  What is the point of having a Revolutionary Guard Corps in front of you and if there is a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, he is straight, then it will be difficult for you to stay, it will become difficult, it will become impossible. It is one and a half lakh, half two lakh, it is a different matter

  They don't understand what their army is in the reserve army. How can there be four and a half to five lakhs in the reserve? Their regular force is around one and a half million. Azrael has a place and their regular force is around six million. Well, they are in the reserve. He has no reserves of his own, but he will have someone

  This is a rare opportunity to see how the reserve force of the debate is in proportion to the population of Azrael, of course, that is, it is more than Iran. Iran has 200,000.

  The regular army is one and a half and two hundred thousand, not even in the ships. Makalo is a very terrible one. Azrael has about six and a half hundred. They have a ship. Well, Iran has five and a half rupees, but Iran has a ship. 

Arani missile power:

Who is with Iran with Azrael? Just sanction the sanctions. But let us say to those who are surprised that Iran's missiles have been used secretly by Russia in Ukraine. It scares and remembers

  Now the lord has announced that the deal has been done with his thigh that he can do it for a long time, but Putin also has problems with Russia. Na will stand in front of Russia tomorrow, it is also the day after tomorrow it will stand in front of China

  Iran is such a country, one thing should be kept in mind, it does not see the whole Islamic block, there are about 50 countries, we all are standing up, what did it do in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, it made a proxy militia. The proxy militia in which Hamas is also present is Allah's Islamic Jihad. What is Hamas, isn't it the number of Sunnis?

  Beat back by Iran, beat by Iran, now you see that the force is the Sunni Hamas, what was the attack of Israel? had not attacked before, it looked like a regular force was a regular force

  Whoever wants to fight and attack and attack with this kind of strategy and what is this Hamas against Israel, this is the organization of the Sunnis, it is a but-back-by organization, which is a mask, by God, speak in front of Hamas that this country It is a Muslim country, he will say where Iran is

  My friend, you stand in the situation of the one you stand behind, you will remember him, surely there are few Shia people that there are Sunni people, now it has happened here, you are going into what has become a reality in the region. Why are the Arab countries behind in this attack now?

  What Iran did is say that among the 300 ground-issue missiles, there were cruise missiles, there were also ballistic missiles, they were all intercepted, almost 99 percent, now 99 percent intercepted, and who was injured. It was a girl, seven or so. An eight-year-old girl has been injured

  Well, someone has been injured, that is, 300 missiles have been launched, 300 drones have been launched, 300 cruises have been intercepted, where have the interceptions taken place at this time, America, United Kingdom, France.

Europe's fear and the target of Pakistani missiles is Israel?

When the president of Iran came back to us that he is very afraid of our missile technology, what is its range, and can he try to clip any of our wings or something like that.

The first thing is that the missile program of Pakistan, Alhamdulillah, Pakistan has developed its own things. One thing is one thing. No, they keep talking to the company, so that's one thing

  That Pakistan has just sanctioned three Chinese companies and one company from Belores, this is also a messaging to Pakistan and the second thing you talked about is America, every country whose missile program is America. Don't be a friend or ally of anyone who has a missile program

  If he has access to American allies, then America will definitely put a question mark on it. Now we mark Pakistan for about 3000 km. See our primary target is India. Our primary target is none. We have our own nuclear program. Or the missile program, Qazi Sahib is purely against India

  We have no intention of making any kind of declaration against any other country or anything, only this is only for deterrents and for differential purposes. If there is any attack on us, we will respond. Yes we can if we want to extend it.

See, our engineers, our scientists, can absolutely do it and we don't know, but it's obvious that we, as we talked about, that we have to do a deterrence show, we've got some offensives for oppositions or Not for prestige, as India recently tested the International Ballistic Missile, which goes from 5,000 to Africa, so Pakistan does not do such things.

  So that the countries of the region feel or the world feels that it has huge embassies that our problem is only to protect our national interest, our people, our country.

  What we have done to three companies and one balance company, one is messaging, and the other is definitely felt that what Pakistan is, it may not be the Middle East of the range of this missile. So they basically take precautionary mails for the Americans and their allies for their friends, but the relations between America and Pakistan are good and Pakistan has no such ambitions.

  But I am moving forward, Mr. Jameel Ahmed Khan, you just said that you talked about the fear of billions of dollars, I myself saw in Tehran that there were many Indian products, Chinese products were indigenous, they made their own cars, the sanction is that. I think that by default they benefited from it, so we have so much spine, so much strength in leadership that we are needed anywhere, we have to work, we are with you, we are your vital interest. They will not go against it, but let it survive

  There is work on mutual interest and mutual respect between the United States and any other country. Diplomatic leaders, whether they have become ministers or other people, certainly have a significant role in this, and in this sense, if seen, it will reduce us a little. go

So our need is also reduced now and if we analyze it further, it is felt that the messaging that America has given us at this time is to argue that look at what you are doing at this time. The economy is going towards approval, in which you have told us, the external and almost internal of the billions have been imposed on us and the IMF program, if you do not get the program, then you will be defaulted.

  So, most of the directors in the IMF are Americans, and this may also be an indication that the Prime Minister, who is currently visiting the President, does not have a bilateral relationship with Iran that can be tolerated, and apart from that, it is I am commenting on this in the context of diplomats, the things that happen to the mind

  So this messaging has really got through. We now have a video of him if we look at him in 2011 before his Foreign Affairs Committee and in that he made our case very well and we should look at that. In the diplomatic way, we have full affairs and keeping these things and what they were

  That we used Pakistan, the soviet Ellie Clinton of the revolution is saying on the video, it is on Google and she says that we went back to Pakistan without leaving the main thing.

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