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Is Pakistan's alliance an alarm bell for Israel - newsuk1

Is Pakistan's alliance an alarm bell for Israel?

And is Pakistan's alliance an alarm bell for Israel Iranian President Dr. Syed Ibrahim Raisi is on a visit to Pakistan. This is a three-day visit. He has met with Shahbaz Sharif and signed big agreements. The MoUs were signed by both sides in K-UPs, but the most important one is the five Iran gas pipelines.

  I remember very well that this is the first country, Pakistan, on whose official visit Mr. Dr. Raees Raisi Sahib has visited. That is why we further call them Khushamdid and those who are asked in the Persian way that we are also selling our heart.

  Let us ask them, Shama Khobsoor. In response, they will say, Khel Mamnoon. This kind of conversation is such a sweet language. It is Persian, you know it. The one who is a great Persian poet belonged to all of Iran, regardless of how much he read Allama Iqbal, he knows Allama Iqbal by the name of Iqbal Lahori.

  And regularly, there are libraries there, above his name, this is exactly this very important meeting, and especially Dr. Raisi Sahib, he is bringing his Begum Sahiba along with him, and in Lahore, he met in Islamabad. You have also launched the English version of a book, so this visit is good, but it is very important and important for Pakistan. There are two or three reasons. Gas pipeline is the lifeline of Pakistan

  Iran has built its part of the pipeline, now we have to build our part, and if we delay it further, which we have done, we have wasted four or five years trying to please America. Until now, there would have been no energy crisis in our country and our industries would not have been closed, this is an open matter

Pak Iran Gas Project:

  On which there is no room for anyone to doubt, so what is the meeting with the IMF? I think that the leadership of Pakistan has now decided. You should see your interest. I think it has become so bold, that's why almost the work on this pipeline has been completed.

Right and it's not too late. Maximum within a year 50 thousand not 50 I don't know lakh feet of gas will be available to us and we can not only reduce gas load shedding gas prices. We can eliminate shading, but our power generation capacity can also go up to 50,000 megawatts.

  I am not saying this from myself. These are the experts who have said this. That is why America did not want our life to become a little call to prayer. Why should we become self-sufficient? Two things must be done in this regard. Rather, in the last week, it is the head of another major Islamic country who has visited, before you remember the delegation with the Saudi Foreign Minister was a high-powered delegation.

  In a way, Pakistan is becoming a friend of this region in terms of diplomatic activity. Let's look at the International Bilateral Regional from Sunday. It is good at the time of Iran, this is also happening after nine years

  You know, Naag, the relationship that exists years ago, they became a son, now they both have their relationship, the diplomatic relationship that they have, they have to zoom a year ago, exactly one year ago, on March 10, that is, in 2023, the situation is changing. Pakistan has once again lost its place

  What was said to be the fortress of Pakistani Islam, the term Steel of Islam used to be used for Pakistan, we are moving in this direction, because if we look back in the past, we did RSD with Iran and development. That was a big turning point and now we are

  He is ready to cooperate in many sectors from gas byte line and Dr. IC said that the volume of trade is much less than our requirement and our expectation. We'll take it to $10 million

It is a strange thing because Iran is the largest supplier of tobacco in the world and if it is done with Pakistan, how much easier life can be. Can't is another thing

  Dr. Issi has given a very meaningful statement and that is that he has appreciated the stance of the people of Pakistan on food. That Dr. Esi probably Ibrahim Sahib knows that the throne of Pakistan is how every individual thinks about making it.

  What is his attitude towards Muslim causes, along with large gatherings, he has also criticized the United Nations Security Council, saying that it has failed to fulfill its responsibilities. The world is silent, the world of Islam, now they have said that the world of Islam should

  If we highlight this problem above the level of OIC, then put it in front of the world that what kind of oppression is happening there, there will be a big abuse in terms of food and the second thing is that if we say here that Iran is the only Muslim. A country that has practically turned against Israel and left some of Israel's security fence in tatters, where has Iron Dawn gone?

Iranian Powers:

  In whose presence, there are about 300 drones and about 100 rockets. This is a myth of Israel's security. They say that Iran has broken it many times before. He was the first president, I have mentioned his statements many times

  That if Iran decided or Israel caught up with Iran and America screwed up, then both nations will remember who they screwed up with. That's why America has given a big clear chance that we don't want to go directly with Iran. They also know what kind of nation this is. Well, this visit of Ibrahim Raisi is a welcome one and the entire Pakistani people also welcome him.

Palestine and the Gaza Strip War:

The war that is going on inside Palestine on the Gaza Strip is still going on and innocent children and women are being targeted on a daily basis. Inside is Netanyahu and his cabinet and his entire government

  He is being cursed a lot, now they are regularly demanding his resignation. There are two or three reasons. Their family members and those who are Advise Citizens

  They have been doing tests for a long time since the start of the war, almost since the destruction, they have destroyed the Lipid, which is their parliament, they have destroyed the house and the demonstrations are going on. The second reason is that the international world I condemn Israel's actions in Gaza above the mist level.

The international media and the defamation of Israel:

  And people have come out and protested for sympathy for their food through rallies and processions and to condemn the poem. Yes, absolutely. That the International Court of Justice said to stop the genocide, yes, Israel did, that is a different matter

  But there is such a big forum from which Israel's actions are condemned and ordered to do it. Then you see how many times the resolution has been passed in the Security Council. America is boldly opposing it, but a big one. You will remember the number when the voting took place in the General Assembly
  So passing a resolution with a majority means that Israel is losing international support and the crimes of Israel are becoming more and more apparent with each passing day. The first thing is the second thing.

  That where we talk about the silence of the Muslim Ummah and condemn it, Iran is the only country that practically attacked it to teach it a lesson. It was the one in Damascus, that is, in Vishk, which was the council of Iran on which Azrael attacked, and it was imperative.

  For Iran's leadership to respond to it or not, but what is even more pleasing to me is that Israel has responded to the attack on itself. Discharged

  I lied about the missile drama, they did not launch any missile, but there is no evidence of it anywhere, so it is a matter of great joy that Iran has also demonstrated its power and broke the pride of its power and nature.


What countries support Israel?Those that voted in favour of Israel were: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, the Byelorussian SSR, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iceland, Liberia, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua,

Which countries do not Recognise Israel?With the exception of five countries—Belize, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela—the countries that do not recognize Israel are predominantly Muslim. Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria have never recognized Israel and technically remain in a state of war with the country.

Why did Israel attack Gaza?The declaration allowed Israel to prevent the transfer of electricity, fuel, and other supplies into Gaza. Hamas considered this a declaration of war, while Israel stated its purpose was to pressure Hamas into ending Qassam rocket attacks (which Israel said were intensifying).

Which countries don t accept Pakistan?The country has extensive trade relations with the European Union and with several countries globally. As of 2023, Pakistan does not recognize two other United Nations member states (Armenia and Israel) and its ties with India remain frozen since 2019.

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