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The big plan is ready and the important visit of the Iranian president The latest situation on the Iran-Israel war

The big plan is ready and the important visit of the Iranian president The latest situation on the Iran-Israel war

The big plan is ready and the important visit of the Iranian president The latest situation on the Iran-Israel war In this, we have mainly discussed the situation in the Middle East. While it was playing in Pakistan, Iran attacked Israel.

  And the latest information that was being received at that time was that 300, 300 missiles have been fired together, drones have been launched and I don't know if anything is obvious now. Ana began to wonder which targets Iran Chief wants to do and how much damage can be done.

  Israel had all this going on right now that this dashdown was the same, I think until Sunday night there were enough things that tried to dash it down. It was said that what Israel and Iran have done will be met with a befitting reply and that was also given.

  That is, last day when we were sitting on Friday, on Thursday night, Israel also responded to Iran and they also attacked Isfahan. It is obvious that Iran and Israel have come to the fore in this context when we are sitting here and talking.

  So, has the war that we have been talking about in the previous programs been planned, that is, now there will be a war between these two, then in the current situation in the Middle East, who is involved in this? I will come to Pakistan

Has the war we've been talking about been fought?

Has the war we've been talking about been fought That is, now there will be a war between these two, then in the current situation in the Middle East, 

There are caveats to all of this, and one important factor that I want to address is that if this war breaks out, the oil reserves are going to decrease. will happen and the world is going to be turned upside down once again.

You will be watching and you will be Netanya. Remember, Allah is enough for us, but Hezbollah is enough for you. I told you this before. We will go inside and we will also go to the Golan Heights. is going to be a huge defeat.

  It is not Israel, you who repeatedly mention the name of Glan Heads in Faisal, that is why the people are saying that all the drones fell there. The air bases for the Gola Knights were both where the planes flew from and they moved forward.

  People are talking about it, don't you see, whatever capabilities Iran has, what you are talking about, he asked Element Ford, is he afraid of it? It knows that Israel's power, its military power, its The abilities of those in the world who are philippods are the best, they are saying that they can fight with them.

Israeli army and their losses:

50,000 soldiers have gone to hell, 83,000 wounded are still lying in hospitals, some are missing their hands, some are missing their feet. Take it out of Almandam, you have not been able to do transportation from there till now.

  Now you have also closed Harams for you, where will you go in the world? 80% of the shipping companies of Rani, the domestic oil of the Israelis, as you have informed, it will go to Pearl at 300 dollars, not that it will happen. But I say this to you, leave everything else, take out a ship from Bab al-Mandab, Sadiq is challenging again and again. Make a point to have respect.

  Listen to me directly, this is a message in one poem, if you understand, our war is going on, there is a tremor on the Taghut, it is the turn of Bait-ul-Maqdis, it is preparation for freedom, very soon, God willing, I will answer you by installing the flag of Islam here. And the whole world will answer that you were just waiting for it to fall.

  And the saviors, who were the army of Allah, went, saved, and conquered, and this punishment will be given to you, God willing.

   So after this attack by Iran, then Israel also attacked inside Isfahan and after a long time there, Iran told him about this attack that there was an attack, it was not even being said by Israel. Iran was not admitting whether the attack happened or not, the attack happens

You will announce and attack whoever you come to. You will come without Iran. I am going to write in today's history that your missiles are the only reason for your destruction.

  That Iran will attack again, if they do, it is not the world, but for a minute, the score was settled. Iran attacked, did Israel do it? Here are three drones from Kora Jack which are flown for surveillance which is being told.

  Before arriving, they attacked and tore them to pieces. They flew from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is about 250 kilometers away from Iran, so we already tore them. No, Netanyahu immediately, if Iran launches 12 hypersonic missiles, show it by hitting one of them from your own land, and they will reverse the example and hit your Netanyahu's neighborhood.

  Let me tell you one more thing, Mr. Faisal Raza Abidi, who is Iran, he has been isolated due to severe restrictions in the past and now after all this situation, he is once again against new restrictions, just keep laughing at me. Can't pull out a Riad.

  The hours of the two-day clock on Bab al-Mandab have been revealed. It will be a good minute. Look at the history of the heroes of the world, from Hiroshima to today. Remember one thing, America needs Israel.

  Israel does not need the United States, no, the United States did not. When this whole case happened, the United States said that we cannot talk about it. Alhamdulillah, each ship is half a kilometer long 1,000 soldiers have arrived in India on April 5. Agents of Commando Ra in Israel, who are part of this war, 8,000 have been deployed at Haifa port. At the top of the crossing yet we promised four Indian soldiers.

  If even one of the 18,000 Modi within me returns alive, I will not allow you to take hold of my ego and my neck. Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine and the Hebrew city of Israel will be drowned.

  At the same time, they will sink the economy of India. On the same day, November 18, when you were given time of 15 days.

  Ask for forgiveness and step back. You did not step back. You made fun of us. You made fun of Pakistani mothers and sisters. The bar will hit the ground in which the first attack will be Haifa Board City will sink it and drown you forever and tell me how many containers you have transacted from Hewa port city so far not even one in six months. Not only your time, not even your status, you are bound here until today, fearing the day on which we decided this.

  That no ship of yours will go to the Red Sea anymore, then we will sink it too, go back, take these 18 thousand animals that you have brought to kill our Muslim mothers and sisters, and get rid of them from Israel. If not, then they will send you to hell and I will save the cost of your pyre.

Intervention of Government of India:

  What you are talking about is not what I am saying in India. In this report, you are right. I want to submit this to you. Thank you very much. is going.

  Soldiers inside Israel are saying that in the entire propaganda war as well as in the ground war, India is directly involved and we disclosed this. And  They are calling us Atengwadi. You idolaters, come a thousand miles away, withdraw your troops from there, or else I will bring this war to your doorstep.

Ok, I am also being asked to take a break, but I will hit you three times, how are you doing about the destruction of India's economy? India is not going to be okay. This is Haifa Port City. It is the junction of India Israel Corridor Project

  How can Pakistan move forward?

This is John. According to the Charter of the United Nations, no country can enter into any agreement in the disputed area. According to the order of Quaida-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jannah, in the spirit of Pakistan, Israel is an illegitimate state. How did you project on an illegitimate state? Yes, Palestine should be freed. If you want to do this project, don't pass it now. Breakout, take it.

  You take your break and come back from the break. What I know about Pakistan is that the statement from the Foreign Office has also come out that the US is the four suppliers of Pakistan's ballistic missile program. They have been banned.

What is in the weapon can change and the second most important question people are asking is that if this war continues, do you think the world economy as it is will be able to withstand the pressure of it for two months and 25 days. The age of this war is not more than that and the world war is not connected with it. I told you that the world war started in the cities of Pakistan.

  They are probably living in the dark. If I were the ruler and this situation was in Palestine, I would also have this policy which the army chief has adopted for the Pakistan army. Now let's see what Pakistan Army did during this period

  From October to today, there was a war in Nabi Waziristan on October 19. Five martyrs were killed by terrorists. On November 3, 14 martyrs were killed in Besna. In Ismail Khan, they have not been sitting idle for a single day, until today, until tomorrow, they continued to attack here, brother, if we leave our front and go to Palestine, then we will know this from you.

  You are an expert in war with rooms at night. What do you know about war? But whoever loves war should remember that Allah Almighty is going to show you a general at this threshold very soon so that you know. What is the war going on? I am with my soldiers.

  They see the bodies of their mothers, sisters and children cut up, but we did not allow them to take up arms. The world wanted two armies to be mobilized here and make Syria and Iraq. We did not allow them to happen. In times of conflict, we will create an army of 250 million people. Go back to my Senate speech in 2009, as I said that we will create an army.

  So, I am following my road map. Second, we will not take up arms until the army gives orders. We accept the compulsions of our army. Are you going to stop us with gas pipelines or building missiles, your position and times are not yours, you are finished, you have to admit defeat.

  Your courage is gone. Pakistan will also lay gas pipelines and use nuclear weapons. If you do, they will break into the White House and kill you. The day has come for Pakistan to gather courage and declare its abstinence from America. To the solution phone and Kasban say that there is four research that who will pay from their own pocket in June and this loan will also be taken from November 26, 2026 and will be packed outside then it has to be done in the way we want to say three months. If you don't do what we are saying, then who begged us to beat you by the neck? The first question is what does the international man you go to ask him to invest in Pakistan?

  People's Party and Non-League officials and ministers have property worth 500 billion dollars outside, first bring it back from them, then we will also take the investment. Go and buy Milad, so you have to do it, you will fail, I will give you that research

red cow:

In the next 20 days, the red cow is reaching the age of the crescent cow in Israel. Well, those who have not reached, if they have gone above 30 months, then that sacrifice is useless for them. It has to be inside Bait al-Maqdis meaning again explain to me a little inline time these red cows should be 30 months old according to them if they rise even one day their sacrifice and what is the purpose

  His temple will be destroyed by Salmani, which has to happen in 25 days and I have told you in the previous program that 40 thousand Mujahideen have taken it in the society. We are also present and will pass over our bodies

  Bayt al-Maqdis Bayt al-Maqdis will be victorious, God willing, and these cows, whatever you said, they have gone to glory, this will be slaughtered. Slaughtered him first before May 15th otherwise his age He will die, which is going to happen in 25 days and I have told you in the previous program that 40 thousand Mujahideen have taken it in the society. You will pass over the dead bodies

  Bayt al-Maqdis, Bayt al-Maqdis will be conquered, God willing, and tell me that whatever you said, Jalal has gone, this will be slaughtered, just like one of them, I know, his time will begin and they will slaughter him first before May 15. have to do

  Otherwise, his age will be overage, then it will take 2 thousand years to find that cow, so what they have to do in these 25 days, what we have to do is to do it before the moon of Muharram. Very soon you and I will either do a victory program here.

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