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A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1

A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1

A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1
A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1

A very big war and suddenly the world stood on the brink of it. Suddenly these 24 41 hours we kept praying and talking in this program that these things would be resolved, suddenly in the last 24 482 hours the whole world is very It was stopped by the end of the big war and it happened that Hamas has said it completely

  That we are ending the negotiations, that is, we are not hunting the powers, but we have ended the negotiations for the time being and they left Cairo, and after that it happened that the army of Israel has unilaterally withdrawn, that is, The Southern Food spread is now the Southern Food Region

Al-Salam al-Janiha, this Tibetan cumin, he bombarded these areas heavily, and all the Palestinians there, about one hundred thousand Palestinians who are there, the poor people who stayed here, have been told that this is a small village in the area of Al-Masawi al-Mawasi, Suri al-Mawasi. If all the people of Gaza reach the strip, they are starting to attack everywhere, they will not only attack the strip.

  Although this strip is such a small, very small area, look at it. So he told them that now all the people are going there and the attack on Rifa started

  Israel launched an attack on Rafah, and now what happened is that Hamas people arrived there yesterday, and the CIA director arrived there, and William One arrived there, and in the meantime, the matter is messed up. It was said that yes, there is religion first, that there will be three phases and that will happen in the first phase and that will happen in the second phase.

  At the last minute, Israel made a big emotional speech on Iran and they said that we do not accept it and we should attack Rifa and they attacked Rifa. Good Rifa. Yes, I have already discussed that this is a red line for Egypt. These people are 6 million children.

  These people who were happy at that time as a result of the attack on Rifa, tell them that they will get an opportunity, it means that it has become a great injustice that they suddenly killed six lakh children on Rifa. Out of 100,000,600,000 are children, there are 600,000,000 children who are being told that there will be a ceasefire and people are going to bring

A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1
A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1

  And half a day is spent by it, parents, siblings are driving each other, the days of difficulty have happened, now sir, it is sudden that ours has started and the news of the martyrdom of countless people and This time, they did not even give them time to distribute these pamphlets. They dropped the pamphlets in Arabic in the morning.

  There and in it, they were told to go up to the area of Eswaal. When he started, he was attacked on the way, and many now happened that he got up at night and left the delegation of Hamas.

  Because Hamas said that who is the guarantor of this agreement, who is the guarantor of the agreement being reached? First, you said that Russia, then you said Turkey, Turkey, and the items were to be implemented. The United States said that we do not agree with the guarantee of the United States, the people of Hamas said

  That you are saying that we are Carter, what are they saying that I will attack on Rafa and on Rafa, they are our information that they are planning an attack, they are saying Israel's plan. Not planning

  And we are giving a guarantee, they said no, your information is wrong or right or ours, this will also be told to you, they are going to attack Rifa, they apply. threw these pamphlets and those two hands of attack reached the master delegation.

He was the director of PI, he also went to Qatar and after coming to Qatar, it was decided by him that he would stay in Qatar for a few hours because the Political Bureau and Ismail Hani are in Qatar and here he is. They will talk about it, but it is now obvious that they are talking about something

  They are talking about one thing, they are saying something else, they are in a strange position. So the CIA Director said, then the Secretary of State said, America's matter ended

It's over, sir, it happened that he should do that himself, the matter has become something else, it has become worse, mate, Al-Jazeera, they have closed it, they have closed it completely, they have expelled the people of the island, and they have also turned off the cameras and the lights. And don't let any picture come out from there and the massacre in Rifa or what happened before in Gaza, you know how many journalists and their families have been martyred.

  The problem is that just a little while ago, President Biden had a half-hour long conversation. In the air of the program, it's going live. I don't know that the present Biden has been able to stop it because the European Union has stood very strongly in it.

  Europe has stood up and said yes, this will not be a removal operation in any case, otherwise Europe is going to take a very hard line. The graduation ceremonies that were held in Columbia and other universities have been canceled because the students who are there have This means that when the operation of ROA starts, then the affairs there, the movements of students, brothers, students and all these things are better names and a whole history.

  Now, many people are meeting him, many people are disagreeing with him since this period, but anyway, the large number of students there, non-Muslim students, human rights, they have stood up inside the universities. He also has Rakul and the teachers have also joined him

  The teachers who were under pressure to resign have also joined them. Teacher, the matter is getting worse. Well, the matter is that Hamas has said that we are breaking it. and these things are being said by Hamas that our prisoners will probably be killed in prison.

  And if there is nothing like that, things have become worse and Hizbullah, who is there, is also stopping it. Everything is stopped. Everything is stopped in its place

  That this will be a question, and it is up to Rifa and Egypt in particular, that is, these matters were taking such a final turn that King Abdullah of Jordan, the sister of King Abdullah of King Abdullah, she was in Washington after a while. Perhaps there will be a meeting with President Biden, that is, these matters had gone to their final form that King Abdullah, who is he, reached Washington, and what will be the meeting with him now, because the war is behind us.

A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1
A great war and suddenly the world stood on its edge - newsuk1

  So that bitterness will be meeting that bro who are you what is this after a few days call from there and tell me that I have a big role play in Jordan within the cease fire this is within the dropping so this is what you mean. They were supposed to meet in another place, they reached King Abdullah. I don't know how it is now. I don't know if Biden is present. Then he says that I did it after Netanyahu, so the meeting was made private. Is

  Even though there may not be a price conference and a private meeting, but the statement will come, he will talk, King Abdullah will talk big. Ji-Wing Chae arrives there and has a great meeting with Makro and Makro is Joe

  He has stood there and said that if this operation of Rifa is done, Europe will do a big tough act on him, combine tax, he has sent a message, now take a break. has gone

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